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The healthcare industry is a highly complicated one with numerous laws that apply and with individuals and companies working in many different capacities. It is not surprising that professionals may have many questions regarding compliance, nor that legal conflicts often arise. Even the most careful medical agencies can face legal issues, and it is critical to a company or to a medical professional to seek assistance from an experienced healthcare law firm as soon as possible.

At the law office of Hudson, Potts & Bernstein, we regularly advise medical professionals and agencies on a wide range of healthcare matters including compliance, policy, contracts, and more. We are also here to represent you should a legal claim arise. It is important to have an attorney on your side who is familiar with your agency and who can provide the highest quality of representation to limit your liability and protect your reputation whenever possible. Please contact our office to learn more about our healthcare law services.

Representing the Rights of Professionals Facing Medical Malpractice Claims

One of the most profound practice areas at Hudson, Potts & Bernstein is the defense of medical professionals against claims of malpractice and injury. In today’s litigious society, it is the unfortunate truth that many patients will attempt to seek a windfall by blaming their doctors or other medical professionals for their health conditions. It is the reality that most doctors may face a lawsuit no matter what their area of practice or patient base may be.

Whether or not a medical malpractice claim is based in fact, defending against such claims can be costly. Our firm has the resources to defend against medical malpractice claims in the most efficient way possible while presenting complex evidence in your favor. We have experience representing clients in hundreds of malpractice claims and understand the complex medical and legal issues that can be involved.

Additionally, individuals who are witnesses in a malpractice case or who are being investigated for possible malpractice often require legal assistance and representation. We can represent anyone who is involved in the defense of a malpractice claim, no matter what their role in the case. There are also commonly simultaneous contract claims or other commercial disputes with a malpractice lawsuit and our firm has the ability to represent your interests in all related legal matters. We are your premier medical malpractice law firm, so please do not wait to contact our legal team if you need assistance.

Healthcare Lawyers Handling a Wide Range of Cases

There are many circumstances under which players in the always growing healthcare industry need legal assistance. Federal and state laws that apply to health care are both complex and ever-changing, yet compliance is essential for safety and to avoid liability. Healthcare law matters can apply to local agencies or can be on a state or nationwide basis, and the healthcare attorneys at Hudson, Potts & Bernstein have the experience and knowledge of this complex area of law needed to assist you in any type of matter.

We regularly assist many different clients with a wide array of healthcare matters including the following:

  • Professional practice groups
  • Hospital law
  • Representation of hospitals or hospital districts
  • Elder law
  • Disability law

Because healthcare law is constantly evolving, it is always wise for agencies to develop a relationship with a highly skilled healthcare law attorney who can provide ongoing advice and counsel to prevent legal disputes or challenges. Our attorneys can review and help develop agency policies, draft and negotiate contracts, and work to ensure compliance in many different areas of healthcare. In the event a conflict should arise, we have extensive healthcare litigation experience and will represent the interests of your agency.

Having the right healthcare attorney can increase your agency's profits and protect your assets in numerous ways. In addition, many physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare companies face a host of business law questions and issues, as well, involving employees, contracts, government relations, and more. We can provide assistance with any legal matter that your healthcare business faces so that your company can thrive without fear of unnecessary liability. We seek innovative solutions to your healthcare law issues, which can be transactional, regulatory, or litigation.

Contact our office to receive the assistance you need today.

Helping Hospice and Home Health Care Professionals

Hospice and home health agencies deal with a vast number of regulatory, transactional, and legal issues on a regular basis in Louisiana and across the United States. Hudson, Potts & Bernstein regularly assists such companies with a wide range of matters, including the following:

  • Compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Operational and compliance policies
  • Certification and recertification for Medicaid and Medicare
  • Accreditations, corrective action plans, and appeals
  • Corporate governance
  • Licensure
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Medicaid, Medicare, or private payor audits
  • Transactional and contractual arrangements
  • Documentation
  • Fraud and abuse investigations and claims
  • Vendor issues

Ensuring that your hospice or home health agency is in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is critical, and our attorneys understand the vast web of regulatory requirements and how to prevent violations. From policy advisement to operational implementation of policies, we can counsel your agency on the most efficient methods of compliance. We can also advise you regarding day-to-day documentation, payments, and other transactions. Should a legal issue arise regarding contracts, employment, fraud or abuse claims, or any other type of allegations, our law firm will provide skilled representation every step of the way.

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Many healthcare attorneys do not fully understand the business side of the industry and business lawyers may not know how to decipher the complex healthcare laws and policies in our nation. At Hudson, Potts & Bernstein, our healthcare law attorneys have the unique experience and ability to provide comprehensive representation for any healthcare agency or medical professional. Please contact us online or at 1-318-388-4400 today.