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Construction Law & Litigation

Hudson, Potts & Bernstein frequently represents contractors, subcontractors, owners, and suppliers in construction related disputes. From liens and bond issues to litigation over quality of workmanship, HPB is experienced in all facets of construction law and litigation.

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What is Construction Law

Construction law is the regulations and rules that govern the contracts, design, planning, and construction of structures, buildings, and roads as well as environmental, employment, and safety within the construction company and on the worksite. Many different issues can arise during the construction process. There are a number of local ordinances, state laws, and federal laws that regulate the process at every point. Construction lawyers help to maintain compliance across all jurisdictions.

A construction law attorney provides legal advice and representation for companies involved in construction projects. They may wear many hats, spanning all or most aspects of the practice, or they may specialize in just one or two.

Why is Construction Law Important

Construction law regulates and provides structure for both commercial and residential construction projects, protecting all parties involved. When a dispute arises, attorneys specializing in construction law will work with the parties to help them resolve the problems and help to facilitate an environment that is conducive to making the project a success.

Certain problems on a construction site can bring the project to a grinding halt. These may include:

Having a lawyer who is experienced and educated in construction law can give you an edge and often help bring any issues to a quick resolution.

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Areas of Practice in Construction Law

Construction law attorneys work in a lot of different areas and do many different tasks. There’s so much to construction law and all the processes that go into a construction project. Many people don’t realize what all it entails but having an attorney who is solely focused on that area can be very beneficial for construction clients.

Some of these areas include:

When hiring a construction lawyer, price is usually the biggest concern, just after experience and ability to handle the case. Of course, having an attorney who has the education, experience, and skill to manage the case well, and their track record will tell the tale. However, it is important to look at not only the law firm as a whole but also the attorney who will be assigned to your case.

It is also a good idea to iron out the financial aspects such as payments, retainers, billing, and invoicing.

Construction law is very complex so having confidence in the attorney or legal team that will be handling your case is vital. You need to know you can trust that all the legal aspects are being handled and nothing will fall through the cracks.

Having a lawyer who is experienced and educated in construction law can give you an edge and often help bring any issues to a quick resolution.


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