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Protecting Your Rights after Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Many industries come with the risk of accidents and injuries. However, even seemingly safe jobs - such as office or computer work - can result in unexpected injuries. When you work hard at your job only to be injured on the job, you should not be expected to use your hard-earned money to cover your medical bills and other related expenses. In addition, if you need to miss work due to your injuries, you and your family should not have to struggle financially until you are able to work again.

At the law firm of Hudson, Potts & Bernstein, we represent people who have sustained injuries or illnesses due to their jobs. We understand how Louisiana law protects injured workers and we will stand up for your rights under the law. If you’ve been in a workplace accident, please do not wait to call our firm to speak with a North Louisiana workers’ compensation attorney regarding your options today.

Common On-the-Job Injuries and Illnesses

The United States Department of Labor reports that millions of people across the country suffer injuries or illnesses at work on an annual basis. The conditions suffered can vary widely - both in their nature and their severity. The following are some examples of commonly reported workplace injuries that can result from the nature of everyday job duties or from an unexpected accident:

Soft tissue injuries - Strains, sprains, and tears in the tendons, ligaments, and muscles of the neck, back, or joints can happen from heavy lifting, vehicle accidents, reaching incorrectly, or other everyday activities.

Traumatic brain injuries - TBIs can include mild concussions or serious damage to the brain that results in a coma and disabilities. Head trauma can result from falls, getting hit by falling objects, and many more types of accidents.

Repetitive strain injuries - If a job requires someone to perform the same types of movements over and over - such as typing or manufacturing - it is common for workers to develop injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome from the repetitive motions.

Back pain - Back pain can stem from injuries to many parts of the back and can be caused by heavy lifting, traumatic accidents falls, or even sitting in a non-ergonomic chair on a daily basis.

Burns - Burns can happen in many different types of jobs from electricians suffering electrical burns to food service workers being scalded, among others. Burns can range from surface injuries to serious 3rd-degree burns that require extensive treatment.

Furthermore, many people develop illnesses as a result of their jobs, most of which need to be treated by medical professionals and some of which may be chronic. Some common job-related illnesses include:

Asthma - Many people develop serious respiratory problems such as asthma because their job causes them to inhale dust, particles, chemicals, or other substances that can harm the lungs.

Skin disorders - If your skin is exposed to chemicals or other potentially harmful substances, you can develop rashes or other inflammatory skin conditions such as dermatitis.

Mesothelioma - In some industries, workers are exposed to asbestos - sometimes on a regular basis. Asbestos fibers can become lodged in the lungs and other parts of the body and can develop into an often fatal type of cancer.

In addition to the above, more attention is being placed on stress stemming from work and the conditions that can result from constant high-stress levels. For example, stress can cause debilitating mental or emotional injuries or can even lead to heart disease and heart attacks. Some people may even develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a traumatic event, such as emergency personnel responding to a disturbing accident or crime scene.

There are specific industries that have a higher rate of severe injuries and fatalities than others. Some particularly dangerous jobs include:

  • Ranchers
  • Farmers
  • Coal miners
  • Construction workers
  • Fishers
  • Loggers
  • Aircraft pilots
  • Emergency workers

This is not to say that you must be in a job with known risks of accidents, injuries, or illnesses to make a workers’ compensation claim. Anyone from an office worker to a firefighter can make a claim if they have suffered a qualifying on-the-job injury or illness.

The Workers’ Compensation Process Can Be Complex

While the law gives you the right to proper compensation after a workplace injury or illness, obtaining such compensation is not always simple. The first step after you are injured is always to report the injury to your employer and seek the medical attention you need. Your employer is then supposed to make a claim with its workers’ compensation insurer.

Workers’ compensation insurance is intended to cover the following losses:

  • All medical costs related to your injury
  • Partial lost wages if you miss work for medical treatment or recovery
  • Short-term disability if your injury prevents you from working for some time
  • Long-term disability if your injury prevents you from ever working again
  • Wrongful death benefits if the workplace accident was fatal

All too often, injured workers experience complications in receiving the benefits they deserve. For example, an employer may fail to make a claim and you may have to pursue a claim yourself. In addition, an insurer may deny part or all of the coverage that you seek by challenging one or more of the following:

  • That your injury was work-related
  • That you required all of the medical treatment you received
  • That you were unable to work for the period of time you stayed home
  • That you actually have a qualifying disability

Any complication can prevent you from receiving the payments you and your family need. The good news is that our experienced workers’ compensation law firm can fight for your rights and prove that your claim is valid.

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