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Assisting Corporations with an Array of Legal Needs

No matter what type of business you have, you will have legal questions or conflicts at some point in time and some companies have legal concerns on a regular basis. The laws that apply to companies in Louisiana are extensive and often confusing. It can be challenging to even be aware of all of the relevant laws, needless to say, to ensure compliance. The commercial transactional attorneys at Hudson, Potts & Bernstein provide valuable guidance and counsel for your business regarding the law and any legal transactions in which you may be involved. In addition, if a legal dispute arises, it can significantly affect your company’s bottom line and profitability. Having parties fail to meet obligations under contracts can be costly as can litigation. Businesses may also face contract or tort claims from other companies, vendors, or customers demanding substantial sums of money. Our commercial litigation attorneys know how to represent your company as either a plaintiff or defendant in legal claims and will seek out the most cost-effective method of resolving your legal conflict. Our office regularly assists companies of all sizes and types from small businesses to large corporations, including banks and other financial institutions. If you would like more information about the services of our business law legal team, please contact Hudson, Potts & Bernstein today.

Providing Counsel to Businesses of all Types

There does not have to be an active legal dispute for a company to benefit from legal guidance and assistance. In fact, by allowing us to develop effective and practical policies for your business and review legal compliance issues, you can proactively reduce the risk of disputes arising in the future. We can assist you in numerous ways throughout every stage of operation, including with the following:
  • Corporate formation
  • Drafting operating agreements
  • Drafting, interpreting, and negotiating commercial contracts
  • Tax issues
  • Employment policies
  • Employment law compliance
  • Commercial real estate transactions
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Permits and licenses
  • Zoning and land use issues
  • ERISA compliance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Sale of a business
  • Winding up operations
The above are only some of the many legal issues a company may need to handle on a regular basis. If you own or manage a business, you know that overseeing operations and developing business is already a full-time job. You likely do not have the significant amount of extra time and resources it may take you to fully research all legal issues and enact policies that comply with the law. The commercial attorneys of Hudson, Potts & Bernstein handle your company’s legal matters and transactions so that you can focus on the success of your business and your profit margins. Having a reliable and trusted law firm on your side can also ensure that your contracts and transactions are in your best interests, are enforceable, and fully protect your business from liability whenever possible. In the long run, seeking commercial legal assistance can save your company many resources. Contact us today to begin developing a relationship with our skilled business counsel.

Representing Companies in Complex Litigation

No matter how careful your business may be in designing and implementing systems and contracts to protect the company from legal action, there will likely be some party that has a problem with your company and decides to raise a dispute. Commercial legal disputes can involve many different types of issues and allegations and our attorneys regularly handle the following types of commercial litigation, among others:
  • Partner disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Products liability defense, including class action
  • Premises liability defense
  • Other tort claims defense
  • Employment discrimination or harassment
  • Retaliation and wrongful termination
  • Wage and hours claims
  • Workers’ compensation disputes
  • Malpractice defense for medical and legal professionals
  • Allegations of regulatory violations
  • Intellectual property misappropriation
  • Licensing disputes
  • Antitrust and unfair trade practice allegations
  • Tax audits
  • Business judgment defenses
In addition to defending against claims, our business litigation lawyers also represent companies asserting claims against other parties to seek relief from a breach of contract or another legal harm. We also can handle disputes between owners, including disputes regarding operations, questionable business judgment, or closing the business.

Cost-Effective Dispute Resolution for Your Business

When a commercial legal dispute arises, many people try to rush into the courtroom. Litigation, however, can be expensive and even if you are successful in defending against a claim, trial costs can cause financial damage. For this reason, it is crucial that you seek representation by a law firm that always considers lowering costs for clients whenever possible. In many business conflicts, there are alternatives available - and sometimes required - to resolve the matter without litigation. Our first step is to review any business contracts that are at issue in the dispute. Many contracts have dispute resolution clauses that require parties to engage in mediation or arbitration before bringing an action in court. If another party has filed a lawsuit against the contract, we can compel them to engage in alternative dispute resolution as required by your agreement. It is important to have an experienced attorney representing your interests during mediation and arbitration proceedings, just as it would be in court. Furthermore, if no favorable resolution can be reached in such proceedings, we can engage in negotiation with the other party to reach a mutually agreeable settlement and avoid a trial. We approach litigation with the most efficient strategy possible to save your company’s resources. However, if a trial is necessary to obtain the right outcome, our commercial litigators will aggressively represent your business at trial.

Find Out How Our Business and Commercial Lawyers can Assist Your Company

Hudson, Potts & Bernstein is the longest-lasting and largest law firm in the state of Louisiana. We understand how to run a successful business and to handle any conflicts with confidence and we can do the same for your company. If you need commercial transactional or litigation assistance you can trust, please contact our legal team online or call 1-318-388-4400 for more information